Cosmetic Dentistry at Affordable Prices

Run by Dr. Melanie Allen, ProCare Dentistry offers medical and cosmetic dentistry in Boynton Beach, Florida. Most importantly, ProCare Dentistry focuses on making every patient feel comfortable, cared for, and at home. Offering a wide range of services and treatments, including bonding, dentures, crowns, implants, fillings, X-rays, veneers, and whitening, ProCare Dentistry takes the time and consideration necessary to help every client achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

Because ProCare Dentistry understands that dental care can be an important financial investment, it offers financing options to suit the needs of its many clients. One of these options includes 24 months of zero-interest financing for dental procedures. To offer this assistance, ProCare Dentistry collaborates with CareCredit, LLC, and ChaseHealthAdvance, institutions that can even extend the payments to up to 60 months with a low interest charge, giving all customers the time they need to pay. Besides this option, ProCare Dentistry also offers a 90-day payment option with no credit check and monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly payments. Patients who are interested in finding out more about this type of dental financing can visit the ProCare Dentistry website at On the Financing Options page, patients can click on the link for ChaseHealthAdvance or the CareCredit website. ProCare Dentistry’s information is already entered in the provided forms, so patients only need to fill in their own information. Best of all, since both companies generally provide immediate decisions, patients can make an appointment with ProCare Dentistry at their convenience, without delay.